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A 360 approach to height safety

A global logistics, robotics, and software provider.

A global logistics, robotics, and software provider was looking for a customized working at height and rescue training course for multiple employees across multiple locations. Guardian’s training team designed a course that included lesson plans, presentations and assessments, and a pilot session was delivered to the senior management team on location – with the aim of embedding a commitment to the training program and height safety throughout the organization.  



Establishing an organization-wide commitment to height safety  

The next step was to make sure the rest of the business shared this commitment to developing and adhering to safe systems of working at height. This included training employees on how to use specific PPE and equipment – which is key to a safe working environment.  

However, following site visits and discussions with people at all levels of the organization, it soon became clear this project needed an even broader focus.  


Joined-up expertise for a universal solution  

Significant further training requirements had been identified, so the original program was expanded to cover the need for systems for safe access, rescue techniques, height safety PPE advice, rescue equipment solutions, PPE and equipment inspection, installation of fixed lifelines and dropped tools prevention.  

Once the training courses were established, additional requests for systems and processes naturally developed. The customer was discovering that their requirements for height safety extended far beyond initial expectations – into areas which wouldn’t have been uncovered had it not been for the expert advice from Guardian’s training team. 

As Guardian is a large organization, offering multiple products and expert services, the training team was able to bring in expertise from all relevant areas of the business – PPE and dropped tools product specialists and engineered systems teams – to develop specific solutions, products and services aligned to the customer’s needs.  

Dropping radios and tools from height was a risk that the customer found difficult to control. Guardian was able to connect the customer to a dropped tools product specialist and a solution was provided, which has eliminated the issue.  

Installation of engineered systems is often treated as a separate business from a typical supplier of height safety PPE or height rescue solutions. However, in this case, the knowledge gained from understanding height safety requirements in a training environment maximized the opportunity of getting the system requirements right first time. PPE was acquired and specified correctly, and any potential rescue scenarios could be planned effectively, always ensuring best safety practices.  

During the program, the customer had a system of vertical and horizontal lifelines installed and training was expanded to include the new systems to keep the processes and learning relevant and up to date. Permanent lifeline systems make working at height typically much simpler and safer for the customer. 


The 360 approach: height safety simplified 

The customer now has a much safer working environment, with clear height safety procedures in place; this has significantly reduced the risk of injury – both for people and from equipment falls.  

Guardian’s 360 approach provided a complete and reliable solution for the customer. Access to multiple experts through a single provider has given them reassurance that their height safety needs are in very safe hands, with the added bonus of time and cost reductions as well. 

Height safety solutions are often more involved than first expected and a simple training request frequently evolves into a more detailed requirement. Guardian has the experience and knowledge to deliver all aspects of a height safety program; ensuring all elements work together, whilst keeping workers safe when working at height – height safety simplified
‘‘- Isabel Ferreira, Head of Product – International, Guardian

The Challenge

A global logistics, robotics, and software provider approached Guardian about delivering a customized working at height and rescue training course for multiple employees across multiple locations. However, it soon became clear that their requirements for height safety extended far beyond training.

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The Solution

Guardian’s 360 approach gave the customer access to a full range of height safety services and experts: from training and development to equipment supply, specialist consultancy, regular inspection, drop prevention and system installations. This meant the customer could rely on one contact – and one provider – to coordinate a full solution for a complex safety area, significantly improving safety and efficiency on site, and helping reduce costs as well.

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