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Guardian's Friction Fit Bracket is specially designed to adjust and securely fit onto fascia boards. Made from zinc plated steel this bracket is supremely durable and the friction tape applied to both clamp faces further enhances its attachment to the fascia board. The Friction Fit may be used in combination with guardrail posts of 5265 and 74 inches high all of which are compatible with both 2x4” boards and snap-on metal railings.

SKU: 15026

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  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all Guardian Universal Guardrail Posts
  • Durable, non-corrosive components


Product weight

7.5LB / 3.18KG

Product length

7'' / 17.78CM

Product height

2'' / 5.08CM


This product meets the following regional compliance standards

  • OSHA 1910.140

  • OSHA 1926.502

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