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Tool Buckets & Bags

A convenient all-in-one kit, our buckets and bags group together products used in a similar application, which takes the guesswork out of choosing fall protection products. Perfect for workers who don’t know exactly what they need for a full fall protection set-up, making it easy to stay safe and compliant.

Tool Buckets and Bags FAQs

A dropped object prevention bucket is the same as a lifting bucket with the addition of dropped object prevention features such as a closure-system or integral anchor points.

Our Height Safety Ecosystem


To us, simple means one sole focus, one trusted partner, and complete protection from every angle. We call this 360-degree height safety.

Our Purpose


We're here to make safe simple - so our partners can focus on what's important to them.

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As the world’s largest independent height safety brand, we have the scale to make things happen. But we think size is nothing without agility. Our structure enables us to adapt to changing demands and move fast when speed is needed.