Full Body Harnesses

Guardian’s Design and Innovation Center has developed the most comfortable, feature-rich and innovative harnesses in the height-safety market. We draw on decades of experience and combine it with up-to-date user feedback to make our harnesses 100% fit for purpose, and to make the job safer and more efficient.

Full Body Harness FAQs

No, only one device or product should be connected to your D-Rings, especially your Dorsal D-Ring, at a time. 

Our Height Safety Ecosystem


To us, simple means one sole focus, one trusted partner, and complete protection from every angle. We call this 360-degree height safety.

Our Purpose


We're here to make safe simple – so our partners can focus on what's important to them.

Our Story

Scale & Agility

As the world’s largest independent height safety brand, we have the scale to make things happen. But we think size is nothing without agility. Our structure enables us to adapt to changing demands and move fast when speed is needed.

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